Our data infused ecosystem approach makes us see opportunities where others don't.
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meet the team
Capturing Value for Global Enterprises


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  • Jamila Van Kooij

    Project Specialist
    Digital Marketer

    Jamila is a polyglot and digital marketing expert, with hands-on experience working with emerging Chinese brands.

  • Tadi Muganyi

    Growth Hacker
    Brand strategist
    FinTech Researcher

    Tadi is an experienced growth-hacker and global marketing expert with advanced degrees in Economics and Investment management. As an avid Techpreneur Tadi is passionate about helping businesses leverage AI for growth.

  • Cindy Liu

    Financial Services Expert

    Cindy is an accomplished accountant with significant experience in Shanghai’s startup scene.

  • Yafei Liao

    Business Developer
    Education Expert Researcher

    Yafei is an Oxford University Alumni, with significant experience in the education industry. She is passionate about research and the intersection of technology and education.

  • Fernando Sun


    Fernando Sun is a Deakin University graduate, who holds the following qualifications: CIMA (UK) charter holder and IPA (AU). Fernando has extensive experience in the financial sector, he has worked as an auditor for leading accounting firms including Ernst & Young. He has deep knowledge in auditing, due diligence, equity acquisition and tailored employee stock ownership plan design. Fernando has also worked in the internet industry as an executive for over 6 years. He is familiar with financial management and internal control of overseas subsidiaries.

  • Bradley Abrahams

    Digital Media Guru
    Brand Design Specialist

    With over 20 years of extensive branding and strategy experience in the digital and media space, Brad is a seasoned veteran in the creative and design space. He has worked both within the ad agency environment as well as on social and cause related marketing projects over the last decade and is passionate about the psychology of design and effective messaging across various communication mediums. Brad has also worked on developing multi-pronged communication strategies for both high level corporate brands as well as NGOs

  • Dean Jackson

    Data-Infused Advertising Expert
    Brand strategist

    With 18 years in the advertising and marketing industry, Dean has worked for various ad agencies in South Africa as well as in the USA. His experience includes below-, above- and through-the line, CRM, dark marketing, digital, experiential, and direct. With a degree in design, Dean has worked professionally as a copywriter, creative director, and now in the space of brand strategy. He has worked on over 20 blue chip clients so far in his career, spanning the globe, including Ghana, Kenya, and Abu Dhabi. Currently he is most effective in the capacity of positioning or repositioning brands within local and global markets.

  • Jeremy Bean

    Impact Investor
    Brand Strategist

    Jeremy has over 18 years in the marketing and advertising space under his belt, he has gained invaluable experience in developing communications for top brands across print, broadcast, mobile, web and live event activations. He's worked on various campaigns cutting across government, corporate, financial, FMCG, sports marketing, and social development clients. He is passionate about using his skills to pioneer cause-related marketing and businesses that affect positive social impact and change.

  • Sibongile Balfour

    Business Developer
    Project specialist

    Sibongile has over 10 years of experience in project management and business development at the highest level, working in both formal roles and as a consultant for marketing agencies and NGOs alike. Her experience has honed her expertise in operational and logistical organization including budget forecasting, branding development, strategizing and implementation, understanding LSM segments, hosting and facilitating youth dialogues, understanding trends on the ground, training brand ambassadors, social media planning, development of and relationship building with partner organizations and client services.

  • Sandra Nyakudya

    Business Development Manager

    Proficient in research and venturing into new markets within the UK, Sandra has a background in business communication and seeks to create new opportunities within new and growing markets.

  • Janet Sawari

    Chief Technical Officer

    Janet Sawari is a tech entrepreneur, philanthropist and Co-founder/CFO of EducateAI. She studied her Bachelors in computer science and technology in Hangzhou at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, has an MBA certificate in innovation and entrepreneurism from Jiao Tong University and will be graduating with a Masters in big data and analytics from the University of Liverpool in 2020. She is passionate about innovative technologies in the education sector and spends her time outside the office on the golf course or working on SpecSeeds Ed-initiatives directing fundraising programs for minority education access.

  • Sharon Gilpin

    Curriculum Design Expert

    Sharon has a passion for teaching English because it allows so many people of different cultures and backgrounds to come together through a common language. She believe that by providing quality digital learning resources education can be made more accessible to all.

  • Chris Wilson

    Curriculum Design Expert

    Chris has significant experience in tailored language learning resources for young learners. He believes that learning a new language is an amazing process that can change one’s life for the better. By offering quality learning resources for Asian English learners Chris hopes to make a lasting impact in the education industry.

  • Henk Van Kooij

    VC & PE investor

    Henk is a seasoned VC & PE investor, with over 30 years of experience in the EU market zone.