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China’s AI unicorns: Part 1
China’s AI unicorns: Part 1

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4 Paradigm
Founded by former Baidu engineers, 4Paradigm is an AI unicorn disrupting the insurance industry. Digital insurance is virtually a new field for AI application. 4Paradigm is using deep learning, a combination of algorithms employed in machine learning to model high level abstractions from consumer data in China’s property insurance sector. It also provides patented machine learning solutions for a number of industries. 4Paradigm’s technology is already being applied by China’s largest insurance service providers to root out fraudulent claims and to offer better services.
This Beijing based start-up is using deep learning technology to offer multilevel autonomous driving solutions. It aims to be the brain of the autonomous vehicle industry, offering advanced data-driven path planning, HD mapping and other perception-based functionalities that ensure full autonomy. Momenta also offers other big data-based services to enterprises.
Cloud walk
Another Chinese AI giant based in Guangzhou, Cloudwalk specializes in AI powered facial recognition technology. From public security institutions to fintech giants, Cloudwalk’s facial recognition tech is fast becoming the backbone of most enterprises. The AI giant is also expanding its service portfolio investing significantly in 3D Face scanning. Cloudwalk recently signed a deal with the Zimbabwean government to create the first AI based national facial recognition database.
AI chip maker Cambricorn is one of China’s fastest growing AI unicorns. Its AI chips are designed for smartphones, security surveillance, unmanned aerial vehicles, wearables and autonomous driving devices. The unicorn is best known for its role in producing Huawei’s cutting-edge Kirin smartphone chips. It is already gaining significant market share in one the world’s most high-tech sectors and challenging existing brands like NVIDIA.
Ubtech Robotics
Founded in Shenzhen, Ubtech robotics offers a wide range of AI powered humanoid robotics solutions. Its robots are already being used by several enterprises in China. Ubtech is expected to play an integral role in the elderly care sector due to the increasing proportion of elderly people in China’s population.

Based in Silicon Valley and China, Pony.AI offers unique autonomous vehicle technologies. With an emphasis on safety and reliability this start-up is making rapid progress in the development of AI based self-driving systems. In the last quarter of 2018 it debuted PonyAlpha, a self-driving system, becoming the first ever product-ready autonomous vehicle system in China.


Yitu technology offers AI solutions focusing on machine vision research, intelligent imaging, video analysis, language understanding, AI distribution systems as well as big-data analytics. Yitu also focuses  on unlocking the industrial applications of AI in intelligent hardware and robotics.