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Is Quibi the new Netflix?
Is Quibi the new Netflix?
Launched right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Quibi is set to revolutionize how we consume digital content. Short-form video format apps are nothing new right? Not in the case of Quibi. This is Hollywood in the palm of your hands, at your life’s pace and optimized for the best mobile viewing experience.
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So, what makes it so unique? I have been binging on Quibi since the app was launched a couple of days ago and the cast and shows are nothing but amazing. What makes Quibi stand out and will it be able to make a mark against other streaming services and short format video apps?
1.    Taking quality to the next level
The cast and producers of Quibi shows need no introduction. They have brought out all the stars, from Jennifer Lopez to Sophie Turner, there is something and someone for everyone. There is also a wide variety of shows suited to users’ interests, particularly in this lockdown period.
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2.    Optimized viewing experience
You can view shows in whatever orientation you prefer. The app will seamlessly switch orientation while making sure your viewing experience remains optimal. If that sounds pretty cool, wait till you try it out for yourself.
3.    Bite-sized series
This is not really what you would expect from typical short films. Imagine the drama, suspense and thrill of TV series like Game of Thrones being packaged in small episodes that are quick to download and extremely convenient to watch when you have a short ten-minute break, particularly in this lock-down period.
4.    Clean intuitive interface
The app knows exactly what you want it to do. This is by far the best viewing experience on mobile today. Every bit of content is designed for your phone.
5.    Curated news
Sometimes we just want to make sense of it all but don’t have the time for it. Quibi news shows do exactly that. You will receive daily essentials that keep you informed on the things you care about most, at your pace.
6.    Something new every week
You can trust that you won’t get bored as the app promises to debut new shows every week to keep users engaged. The short-form format makes it more flexible and cost effective to launch many new shows in a very short space of time.
Is Quibi a challenger for Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV and other streaming services and apps?
Well the short and long answer is not quite. The app creates a new niche in the streaming market - targeting people who want the best out of their mobile viewing experience on the go. It has been launched in extraordinary times and the next 6 months will be very important for Quibi.
My prediction is that Quibi will do well amongst millennials who spent most of their time on mobile. It might not offer significant competition to larger streaming services like Netflix, but it will certainly change the short-format video industry.
And did I mention the first 3 months are free?